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STI tests are quick and easy!

Different tests are used to diagnose different STIs. You might need to give a blood or urine sample, or a swab of your mouth, genitals, or rectum.

In Whitehorse to get tested visit.

In rural Yukon to get tested, visit your local health centre.

  • Beaver Creek Health Centre: 867-862-4444
  • Carcross Health Centre: 867-821-4444
  • Carmacks Health Centre: 867-863-4444
  • Dawson City Health Centre: 867-993-4300
  • Destruction Bay Health Centre: 867-841-4444
  • Faro Health Centre: 867-994-4444
  • Haines Junction Health Centre: 867-867-634-4444
  • Mayo Health Centre: 867-996-4444
  • Old Crow Health Centre: 867-966-4444
  • Pelly Crossing Health Centre: 867-537-4444
  • Ross River health centre: 867-969-4444
  • Teslin Health Centre: 867-390-4444
  • Watson Lake Health Centre: 867-536-5255

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Yukoners can email a sexual health and relationship question anytime, or
phone Monday to Friday
from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Questions will be answered by OPT BC's Sexual Health Educators.