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The Relationship Spectrum

Healthy relationships:

are based on equality and respect:

  • There is trust.
  • There is support.
  • There is communication.
  • There is happiness.

Unhealthy relationships:

 are based on attempts to control the other person:

  • There is dishonesty.
  • There are struggles for control.
  • There are breaks in communication.
  • There is inconsiderate behaviour

Abusive relationships:

are based on an imbalance of power and control:

  • There is manipulation.
  • There is physical fighting.
  • There is yelling.
  • 1 person makes all the decisions.

How healthy is my relationship?

  • Does this relationship make me feel good about myself?     Yes     No
  • Are we friends?     Yes     No
  • Do we have fun together?     Yes     No
  • Do we both have other friends and interests?     Yes     No
  • Are we honest with each other?     Yes     No
  • Are we comfortable talking about most things, including sex?     Yes     No
  • Do we respect each other’s ideas, values, and points of view?     Yes     No
  • Is this a relationship between equal partners where neither person is “the boss”?     Yes     No
  • Do we trust each other whenever we spend time apart?     Yes     No
If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your relationship could be considered unhealthy or abusive. It might be helpful to talk with someone.
In a healthy relationship, people feel good about themselves!

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